Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Foam Parties

Any surface area that is safe for water would be safe for foam.
No, the foam is actually a surfactant, which means that it enhances soils ability to absorb water. This usually leads to a healthier greener lawn. However, hundreds of individuals dancing around on the lawn could result in muddy carnage to the lawn.
Yes, the foam has a soap base to it. Indoors it is suggested that you use mats or old carpet as a base.
Concrete & Wooden & Com-posit Decks, Pavements or Blacktop are great surface areas for a foam party event.
Your price may vary based on location, number of guests, and other factors that affect the longevity of the foam.
The foam is designed to dissipate in the sun. It will only take about one day's time to dissolve. If event is outdoors (or if allowable indoors) you can simply spray a water hose on the foam to dissolve it. If event is indoors you can use a mop or squeegee to remove the foam.
It is recommend keeping it under 5 feet so guests can see each other. Ultimately its your choice and your pocket book.
No, the foam is free of any dyes or coloring's. Obviously you don't wear you very best clothes, they won't be ruined but you may get some water marks on some materials (Leather and Dry Clean Only fabric is not a good idea to wear). If it is warm or hot, girls tend to wear a bikini either with or without shorts. Others just take their top off and wear their bra and shorts or skirt. Most guys will just be wearing a pair of shorts. Once soaked with foam most clothing will cling to your skin and some materials will go see-through so choose your clothes accordingly. It is advisable to leave any jewelry back at your home.
The foam is not harmful or irritating for most people.
Because the foam is water based we recommend locating your foam party outdoors; however, if your indoor location allows adequate drainage or you have experience with indoor foam parties, you can have your foam party inside.