Place for Thought

Place for Thought

It's been a while for me to post. This will be a place that I can contemplate on issue, rant about things or just think about random stuff.  So now that my manager got the new site up, he gave me a soapbox to use if I want to. Was talking to my fellow DJ Edge about a place to rant, just the other day.


DJ Hollow

Written by : DJ Hollow

Music Production Specialties:

Alternative Classic Rock Country Cumbia
Dance Electro Hip-Hop House
House Electro House Funk Jazz Metal
Pop R&B Ragae Top 40's

DJ Hollow has had a passion for music ever since high school. He loves to feel the pulse of the music coursing through the club or the room he is performing in. The music he spins tells a story.  Every time DJ Hollow sees a room full of people dancing to the sounds he is generating produces is like a work of art. Making a crowd swoon to the music is such a privilege that DJ Hollow enjoys.

Please share in DJ Hollow's expression of music by either attending an event Hollow performs at or listen to some of Hollows demos.  All in all, just enjoy the music and let it move you.

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