Waterhole Saloon

Going to do a performance at the Waterhole Saloon in Garfield, TX

DJ Splicer

Written by : DJ Splicer

Music Production Specialties:

Alternative Classic Rock Country Cumbia
Dance Dubstep Electro Funk
Hip-Hop House Metal Pop
R&B Ragae Salsa Top 40's

DJ Splicer started performing his Junior year of high school. His friends and him were bored with their town and having nothing to do so they joined up and the four of them set up a Teen Nightclub style event every month at the local rec center. It was pretty successful, everyone had a lot of fun, and made some good cash and a DJ spawned from that.

One of the four was a guy named Giovanni Rossi and after the night club deal we started DJ'ing other events together. House Parties, Graduation Parties, even a few school sponsored events. Overtime Splicer and his friend used the money from their gigs to buy more equipment and upgrade to better equipment. More recently been getting really into the dubstep drumstep scene and even producing.